Pennsylvania hardcore crew Wisdom In Chains are releasing their new album Nothing In Nature Respects Weakness on July 20 via Fast Break Records (pre-order), and we're premiering the new song "Already Dead." We're told that most of the songs on this record confront "current social issues including fear, crippling self-doubt, sadness, depression, suicide, death, violence, and being consumed by social media," though "Already Dead" is a little different. This one is "written from the perspective of Jesus (assuming he is real)." Vocalist Mad Joe Black tells us, "I was imagining that Jesus is a real man with magic powers. What would he think about humanity after his shitty experience on earth? I would think that he’s pretty disgusted with people begging him for favors all day and crying about their problems. I would think that he probably wants everyone to shut up and leave him alone."

The song features Matt from Washington State street punks Noi!se, and it sort of combines the metallic intensity of '90s NYHC with the gravelly melodic punk of stuff like Hot Water Music. It's a real ripper, as you can hear for yourself below.

The band's only upcoming date at the moment is home state festival This Is Hardcore. They play day three (7/29), the same day as E.Town Concrete, Sick Of It All (whose 2014 album Last Act of Defiance features Mad Joe Black), Arkangel, District 9, Carnivore AD, Twitching Tongues, Jesus Piece, and more (tickets).

1. Life Lessons
2. Already Dead
3. Someday
4. Better Than I Was
5. Ultimatum
6. The Boy And The Cave
7. Heart Of A Champion
8. Slow Drown
9. Palisades Cliffs
10. Turn My Back
11. Truce
12. Duck Down Stay Down
13. Halfway There

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