DOWNLOAD: Growing - "Camera84" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Growing - "Hormone" (MP3)

Wolf Eyes @ McCarren Pool's last show - August 2008 (more by Lori Baily)
Wolf Eyes

Wolf Eyes, Black Dice and Growing will be playing a Wednesday, July 7th show at Secret Project Robot. Already 300+ people have confirmed on the gig's Facebook page, so getting there early is probably a good idea. Wolf Eyes and Black Dice don't appear to have any other shows scheduled at the moment.

Growing, whose only other scheduled show is ATP in the UK in December, just released a new album, Pumps, in April on Vice Records. Two tracks from that are above. VBS.TV interviewed the band about their history and live show. That's below with a flyer and more videos...

Wolf Eyes

Wolf Eyes - Live at Whartscape 2009

Black Dice studio tour for BBC Collective