Hardcore supergroup World Be Free have just released their killer new EP, One Time for Unity, their first release since their 2016 debut LP The Anti-Circle. Like on the debut, World Be Free includes vocalist Scott Vogel (Terror, Buried Alive), guitarists Andrew Kline (Strife) and Joe Garlipp (Despair), and drummer Sammy Siegler (Youth of Today, Judge, CIV, Rival Schools), but now they've got bassist Alex Barreto (Chain of Strength), who had to replace original bassist Arthur Smilios (Gorilla Biscuits) for geographical reasons. "Band members are all key ingredients, you change one and it can influence the sound," Sammy said. "Alex’s approach is more agro, heavier and you hear that in this music."

Like the debut, the '80s hardcore sound that many of World Be Free's members helped define is the main vibe here, but you can definitely hear that heavier influence that Sammy speaks of. And there's even more star power from Hot Water Music's Chuck Ragan, who guests on the title track. It's a real treat to hear Chuck embracing his straight-up hardcore side like this.

You can stream thee full EP below, and pick up vinyl copies from Revelation Records. We also spoke to Scott, Sammy, Andrew and Joe about each individual track. Read on for their track-by-track breakdown...


Scott Vogel - The band was kinda “dead" for lack of a better term. Maybe due to my attitude. But when I heard this song I was fully reenergized and excited to make some more World Be Free.

Sammy Siegler - I think we wanted to have something that started with a beat, something tribal that would be familiar and a set a tone. Something that allowed enough time for a wall of death to be properly formed. I messed around a little, I believe Andrew started playing some chords on top and we were started. I think we touched on a few classic hardcore themes with this track, we wanted a giddy up part, the tribal beat, a super remedial mosh, there’s a ripping guitar solo, probably why it ended up being the first track.

"Down & Beyond"

Scott Vogel - This one took some wild twists and turns to get to a finished song. And I believe some members wanted to throw this in the garbage can at a few points but I really felt the power of the riffs and the end result is really strong

Andrew Kline - This song is like World Be Free gone prog... The main riff definitely has a Bad Brains feel, and Joe's leads on the verses really take this track to another place. This song really showcases what every member brings to the band, and every player adds their own unique ingredient to make this song special.

"No Harmony"

Scott Vogel - This song is the one on the record that could have been on The Anti-Circle. This will be the one people will expect from us and is perfect for the middle track on this record. It’s fast and strong and totally energy.

Joe Garlipp - While writing these songs musically a lot were taking a long time with a lot of back and forth and changes and were more complex than you’d think... before the vocals it is always hard to know how they will finally come together. For "No Harmony" I had the riff ideas come to me very fast for four main parts (intro, verse, chorus and ending), basically thinking, “hey we need a song that sounds like World Be Free that flows no matter what happens” and we put this one together rather fast. Together we added a segue at the end (cool drum fill part) and it was done. I think you can feel the energy of a song that comes together fast in the music… generic works I guess. Lyrically I think Scott did a great job with this one and it is very fitting for the times we are now in.

"One Time For Unity"

Scott Vogel - Two words - Chuck Ragan. Dreams do come true

Andrew Kline - I wrote the music for this track early on in the writing process for the new record... I think we were really deciding which direction that band wanted to go. A few of us wanted to take a more melodic approach, and Scott was more interested in getting more aggressive. I took some inspiration from DCHC and went with it... Sammy has a way of throwing in drum beats that aren't the most obvious choice, and Alex's bass playing really drives the song along. Joe suggested the little bridge in the middle of the song, and I really love dynamics... The guest vocals from Chuck Ragan are just icing on the cake.

"Broken Youth"

Scott Vogel - Our new bassist Alex Barreto of the almighty Chain Of Strength (Inside Out, Statue and Excel) sets the tone in the beginning, with his subtle but brutal approach. I do some “talking“ over it which is kinda strange to lay down, but I do think it has a cool dynamic and impact. From there forward this song is total energy and really cool to me. I love the music this band puts together. Really different and cool for me.

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