World Be Free -- the hardcore supergroup of vocalist Scott Vogel (Terror, Buried Alive), guitarists Andrew Kline (Strife) and Joe Garlipp (Despair), drummer Sammy Siegler (Youth of Today, Judge, CIV, Rival Schools), and new bassist Alex Barreto (Chain of Strength), who had to replace original bassist Arthur Smilios (Gorilla Biscuits) -- have announced the One Time for Unity EP, their first release since their 2016 debut LP The Anti-Circle. Speaking about Alex Barreto replacing Arthur Smilios (which had to happen for geographical reasons), Sammy said, "Band members are all key ingredients, you change one and it can influence the sound. Alex’s approach is more agro, heavier and you hear that in this music."

The new EP was self-produced, tracked with Davey Warsop, and mixed by Jon Markson, and it features guest vocals on the title track by Hot Water Music's Chuck Ragan. "Hot Water Music is my favorite band ever, so to have him on a song is a dream come true for sure," said Scott. "Having Walter (Shreifels) on the first record, and now Chuck on this second release, is really special for me. I would have never imagined this would come together in my lifetime."

The first single is opening track "Acceptance," of which Scott says, "Up to the point this song was written, I would say the band was in limbo. My surgery really messed up the momentum or growth of the band on the first release, and when I was back on my feet, we never really got that ball rolling again. Some songs were written that didn’t truly excite me, but when I heard this one, I was fully fired back up to do more with World Be Free."

"Acceptance" is exactly the kind of timeless, no-frills hardcore ripper you'd expect from World Be Free, and you can stream it below. The EP drops August 13 via Revelation Records (pre-order).

In recent related news, Sammy Siegler just unearthed the never-before-heard, sole release by Forgive/Forget, which he recorded in 1998 with Brian McTernan and Josh English. His band Constant Elevation with Movielife/I Am the Avalanche frontman Vinnie Caruana also recently released their new EP Freedom Beach. Scott Vogel's pre-Terror band Buried Alive put out their first EP in 19 years this past August.

World Be Free

1. Acceptance
2. Down and Beyond
3. No Harmony
4. One Time For Unity (ft. Chuck Ragan)
5. Broken Youth


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