Wounded Touch are a new-ish Michigan hardcore band with some familiar faces -- members of Sunlight’s Bane, And Hell Followed With, and Steamroller -- and they're releasing their debut EP From Day 0 Forward on November 1 via the Smartpunk label (pre-order). They also initially counted Nick Diener of The Swellers as a member, and though he left the band, he did record their EP, which was then mastered by Jay Maas (ex-Defeater). The first single is "Excision," an absolutely filthy dose of sludgy metallic hardcore that you might not be expecting if you're coming to Wounded Touch by the way of The Swellers. Fans of Converge and early Cave In should probably take note too. The band's Nick Holland tells us:

This song is about the removal of a toxic and destructive person from not only your life, but also cutting the strings of fond memories, nostalgia, and reliance or dependence to them. Metaphorically, the song compares such an individual to a malignant teratoma being surgically self removed from the body after developing a voice that begins to seep its way into thought and conscience. And just as prevalent in the lyrics is the idea of looking at the act of survival as a revenge, by choosing to survive someone’s maliciousness simply out of spite alone, if only to allow a hatred for them to survive when a reason to live may otherwise elude someone on their road to recovery (the defiant, recurring lyric “my spite survives”).

The music video, which we shot and edited ourselves, covers the topic of surgical procedure, but reverses the concept where the body (and revealed, machine) is ultimately created and destroyed by a destructive force. We chose to pursue more of an imagery driven video versus a clear and concise narrative.

Watch the video below.

Wounded Touch also have a few upcoming shows: a release show in Michigan, a Halloween show in Florida, and The Fest in Florida.

Wounded Touch -- 2019 Tour Dates
OCT 24 Sanctuary Detroit (Record Release Show) - Hamtramck, MI
OCT 31 PC's Halloween Bash Pt. 2 at Blasted Music Hall - Panama City, FL
NOV 02 Durty Nell's - Gainesville, FL (The Fest)

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