Wrekmeister Harmonies at Saint Vitus in 2013 (more by Greg Cristman)
Wrekmeister Harmonies

Chicago-based experimental metal project Wrekmeister Harmonies just gave their newest piece, Then It All Came Down, the video treatment, filmed and edited by WH leader JR Robinson himself. The video premiered over at our metal blog Invisible Oranges, where IO's also got an interview with JR. Here's an excerpt:

Tell us more about the images used in the video. Did you collect them all yourself? Where are they from?

Yeah I shot all the footage myself. Some places here in Chicago and in nearby Gary, Indiana as well as some locations in northern California. The statue of Ronald Reagan was terrifying to me... found that in a state park somewhere in Mendocino County. The broken mirror shots were my nod to Raymond Pettibon who did all the great artwork for Black Flag. He used a lot of Manson imagery for their flyers and the band had a very communal living situation coupled with a very "fuck you be afraid of us" vibe. To me, that aesthetic was an obvious reverberation of what Manson, Beausoleil and the rest were cultivating in southern California nearly a decade before.

Read the rest of that interview here.

As discussed, Wrekmeister Harmonies will be performing the piece live in NYC at Signal Gallery this Sunday (12/14) with an exciting lineup of collaborators. That includes Slint's Dave Pajo, Om/Grails/Holy Sons' Emil Amos, Indian's Dylan O'Toole & Ron DeFries, Liturgy's Hunter Hunt Hendrix, Bloodliest's Eric Chaleff, L'Altra's Lyndsay Anderson, plus Scout Pare Philips, Esther Shaw, David Grant, and Brent Arnold. Tickets are still available.

Check out the new video below...