Virginia's Wristmeetrazor left a huge impact on the modern metalcore scene with their 2019 debut LP Misery Never Forgets, and today they've announced the exciting news that they'll release a followup this year. It's called Replica of a Strange Love, and it's due June 11 via Prosthetic (pre-order). It was engineered/mixed by Andy Nelson and produced by Knocked Loose guitarist and backup growler Isaac Hale (making his debut as a producer), and first single "Last Tango in Paris" also features guest vocals from Isaac.

"'Last Tango in Paris' is a song about desire and satisfaction through a nihilistic lens," said vocalist/bassist Justin Fornof. "When writing for the record, it felt important to have a track that emphasizes the futility of complacency. We've been excited about this one from the first day we began writing in pre-production and Isaac's vocals added a lot to the finished product."

Isaac adds, "I think the coolest part about singing on 'Tango' is that I was there for the creation of the song itself. That was a song that we were all so excited about from the very beginning. It covered new ground for the band and we knew it had to be a single. I was asked to sing on it in the spur of the moment, but it made sense because that was our most exciting song we made together. I can't thank them enough for involving me in the song and featuring me in the video. It's very sick to be a part of something you're also a fan of."

Like their last album, the new song swings for the fences with a thrilling new take on metalcore that works in elements of '90s screamo, downtuned nu metal, bellowing gothic metal, and more. It's a hell of a track, and you can stream it and watch its Cameron Nunez-directed video below.


"Our Distress Entwined"
"Last Tango In Paris"
"Nietzsche Is Dead"
"Love's Labor's Lost"
"Anemic (The Same Six Words)"
"Eyes of Sulfide"
"Dies Irae"
"99 & 44/100"
"A Fractured Dovetail Romance"
"This Summer's Sorrow II: Growing Old In The Waiting Place"
"All The Way Alive"


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