Chuck Dukowski's pre-Black Flag metal band Würm have announced a new compilation for Record Store Day Black Friday, Exhumed, which includes their long-out-of-print debut album Feast and a second LP with "unreleased tracks, demos, and more." It also comes with "retrospective liner notes from Dukowski himself, plus never-before-seen photos from the early days," and it will be on limited edition color vinyl.

Würm were initially around from 1973 to 1977, though they didn't release music until they briefly reunited in 1982-1983, after Dukowski had been playing in Black Flag. They put out a three-song 7" on Black Flag's SST Records around that same time, and it was then that Würm recorded Feast, but they broke up again without releasing it, and it finally came out on SST in 1985. Dukowski also surely brought some his metal influence to Black Flag around that time, as he wrote "My War" and "I Love You" off Black Flag's metal-leaning My War (but left the band before the album was recorded, though you can hear his bass playing on the versions of those songs from the widely bootlegged 1982 Demos).

More recently, Dukowski has been playing in the Black Flag offshoot FLAG.

You can check out the full tracklist for Exhumed and stream Feast below. More info here.

A1 Feast A2 Should We Be Proud A3 98 Da A4 Bad Habits
B1 Padded Cell B2 Where Will We Run B3 Nailed To The Wall B4 Song For Jimmy B5 Robin Doggin B6 Deathride
C1 Im' Dead C2 We're Off C3 Time Has Come C4 Modern Man C5 Black Swan
D1 Sewer Rock D2 Daily Dose D3 Guitar D4 Depth Charge D5 I've Heard It Before

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