Wu-Tang (Method Man) @ Hammerstein Ballroom - Jan 12, 2008 (Dutch Damasta)
Wu-Tang @ Hammerstein Ballroom

Without the RZA onstage with them, the crew was without a clear leader, and so Method Man stepped into the role. Meth was usually somewhere near front-center last night, and he was definitely the only guy in the group who kept moving (dancing on the barricade, executing a perfect front-flip stagedive, making me proud when he scolded the crowd for not being more like Baltimore). But he didn't play frontman so much as some weird coach/cheerleader hybrid. When someone else was rapping, he'd stand beside the guy, egging him on. [Village Voice]

Wu-Tang Clan played Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC (twice). Dutch Lab USA has pictures from January 17th and January 12th. U-God was at the shows even though he's also suing them.

Ghostface made a skateboard. Don't do drugs while riding it though....

Ghostface skateboard

(not that you would ride it. The collectible is limited to 500)