Having released a few singles and an EP in 2020, Wye Oak are back with more new music: two singles, to be specific. The first of those, "TNT," out now. It's a gorgeous and dreamy track, the sound of a lazy summer day staring at the clouds. "'TNT' is about the changing of the seasons, and using the passing of time as a means of reflecting on your own growth," says Jenn Wasner. "It’s about joyfully acknowledging all of the ways in which you’ve grown while trying to accept the parts of yourself that are still stuck in patterns of repetition. And it’s about learning to see outside of the more superficial parts of your personality in order to attempt to understand."

The video for "TNT" was directed by Spencer Kelly is is a verdant, surreal expression of the song's lyrics and emotions. "We wanted the visuals to capture the cyclical and disorienting qualities of time that come up in the song," says Andy Stack. "We played with some spatial and time effects, and left the camera running on the mirrors which were fabricated by our friend Jason at Night Owl Creations." You can watch the video below.

The second new Wye Oak single, "Its Way With Me," will be out June 22.

Jenn released a new Flock of Dimes album, Head of Roses, in April.


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