Wye Oak are working on a followup to last year's very good Tween (Merge Records), and they'll be going on a tour of intimate venues this fall to try out the new material. They write:

We’re so excited to set out on a brief run of smaller, more intimate shows this fall, where we’ll be trying out a bunch of brand-new material for the first time, taking questions from the audience, and just generally exposing y’all to our legendary brand of TMI-style stage banter. Come for a sneak peek at what’s next for us, or just to say hi.

The tour includes a NYC show on October 6 at City Winery. Tickets for that show should be on sale soon.

The tour also includes a Hudson, NY show the day before the City Winery NYC show, and it hits the City Wineries in Atlanta, Nashville, and Boston as well. All dates are listed below.

In addition to Tween, Wye Oak singer Jenn Wasner also released her debut album as Flock of Dimes last year. She also sings on the new Deerhoof song "I Will Spite Survive," which came out yesterday.

Watch the video for "Watching the Waiting" off Tween: