The annual Ecstatic Music Festival at NYC's Kaufman Center began its 2018 edition on Saturday (1/27). The general premise is that these shows pair together musicians from the pop world with musicians from the modern classical world for unique collaborations. Opening night actually had two musicians from the pop/indie world, though both of them completely defy genre barriers. There was Xenia Rubinos, who mixes soul, R&B, indie rock, and more; and Adam Schatz, who leads the jazzy, art pop collective Landlady (and a dozen other groups). They played new arrangements of each other's songs, as well as takes on other composers' works. There was a setlist in the programs that were handed out at the beginning of the show, though Xenia and Adam didn't stick too closely to that. Pictures of the show are in the gallery above.

Next up at Ecstatic Music Fest is Kronos Quartet, who are collaborating with Face the Music on Monday, February 5 (tickets).


photos by David Andrako

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