Yaeji is back with new single "PAC-TIVE" featuring DiAN that uses the bank of sounds from the original 1980 PAC-MAN arcade game as the backbone of the song. “PAC-MAN is a game my parents and I can both remember playing in arcades growing up. It connects me to my previous generation and possibly to future generations too.” The track makes use of a lot of the game's sounds and doesn't go to heavy on the "wokka-wokka."

The video for the song, directed by WEiRDCORE, drops Yaeji and animated canine companion Woofa into PAC-MAN's maze which reveals a 3-D world within it. It's a very cool video, as is the song, and you can watch below.

The single is part of PAC-MAN's “Be PAC-TIVE!!” initiative which encourages gamers to unplug occasionally and go out and do stuff, "not only by physical activities like sports, but also through in-home activities such as cooking, eating, listening to music, and playing games."

This is not the first pop song to use PAC-MAN sounds. Buckner & Garcia got to #9 on the U.S. charts with their 1982 single "Pac-Man Fever." You can listen to that below too.

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