French musician and composer Yann Tiersen released one new album, All, back in February, and he has a second, Portrait, lined up for a digital release on December 6, with a three-disc vinyl edition to follow on January 17. This one features reworked versions of previous material, along with three original songs, and guest appearances from Gruff Rhys, John Grant, Stephen O’Malley, and Blonde Redhead; see the tracklisting below.

Blonde Redhead feature on one of the album's orginal tracks, the lovely, piano-backed "Closer." "I was expecting to write new material for this album, that was always the plan," Tiersen told Flood. "I had been working on this track for a long time and Emilie [Tiersen] suggested asking Blonde Redhead to sing the song, which was perfect. Unfortunately they couldn’t come to Ushant, so they sent files from New York and Italy. But it worked so well, it was almost as though they were there. I love this band, but we hadn’t met and we still haven’t! They are the exception on this album, but we will meet."

Tracklisting: Yann Tiersen - Portrait
1. Introductory Movement (feat. Stephen O’Malley)
2. The Long Road (La Longue Route)
3. Monochrome (feat. Gruff Rhys)
4. Chapter 19 (feat. Ólavur Jákupsson)
5. Rue des Cascades (feat. Ólavur Jákupsson)
6. The Old Man Still Wants It
7. Gwennilied (feat. Emilie Tiersen)
8. Prad (feat. Stephen O’Malley)
9. Diouz An Noz (feat. Emilie Tiersen & Ólavur Jákupsson)
10. Porz Goret
11. La Dispute
12. Pell (feat. Emilie Tiersen)
13. Erc’h (feat. Ólavur Jákupsson)
14. The Wire (Sur le Fil)
15. The Waltz of the Monsters (feat. Emilie Tiersen)
16. Closer (feat. Blonde Redhead)
17. Naval
18. The Jetty
19. Koad (feat. Ólavur Jákupsson)
20. Prayer No.2
21. Gronjord (feat. Ólavur Jákupsson)
22. Kala (feat. Ólavur Jákupsson)
23. Comptine d’Un Autre Été (L’Après-Midi)
24. Tempelhof (Part 2)
25. Thinking Like A Mountain (feat. John Grant & Stephen O’Malley)