Nashville metalpunk trio Yautja have officially announced their anticipated first album in six years. It's called The Lurch and it's due May 21 via Relapse (pre-order). It was recorded by Scott Evans at Steve Albini's Electrical Audio studio in Chicago, and the band says at least some of the record was inspired by the tense political climate. "We’ve got our bubble of friends and artists and businesses, but you drive 30 minutes out of town, and you see confederate flags or people wearing t-shirts that say, ‘Redneck Lives Matter,'" said bassist/vocalist Kayhan Vaziri, "so there’s a lot of frustration there, and some the lyrics pertain to that." The band also adds, "We’ve spent a lot of time working on these songs and after sitting on this recording for a clusterfuck pandemic of a year, we couldn’t be more ready to share this with the world."

The first single is "Tethered," and it's a killer dose of punky, sludgy chaos that's hard to pin down but easy to like. Listen and watch the Blair Trame-directed video below.

Yautja also share members with a few other bands (Thou, Mutilation Rites), and guitarist/vocalist Shibby Poole is currently drumming in Thirdface, who just released their killer debut album Do It With A Smile on Exploding In Sound earlier this month.

1. A Killing Joke
2. The Spectacle
3. Wired Depths
4. Undesirables
5. Tethered
6. Clock Cleaner
7. Catastrophic
8. The Weight
9. Before The Foal

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