The fight for justice for Breonna Taylor, who was killed by plain-clothed police officers who entered her home unannounced with a "no knock" warrant, has been ongoing, with protests continuing daily across the country against her death, systemic racism, and police brutality. YBN Cordae was among around 100 people who congregated on Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron's lawn for that reason on Tuesday (7/14), as XXL reports. Cameron called the police on the protestors, and when they didn't leave, they were arrested, Cordae among them. XXL confirmed with the Louisville Metro Department of Corrections that Cordae, whose real name is Cordae Dunston, was arrested and charged with intimidating a participant in legal process, second degree disorderly conduct, and third degree criminal trespassing.

Bronx rapper Mysonne was arrested at the same protest, and shared an image of himself being restrained by police. In a second post, he wrote:

This is the FELONY CHARGE @danieljaycameron and Louisville Metro Department of Corrections think applies to peaceful protestors. BUT #breonnataylor MURDERERS are still free!

They released about 20 of us (protestors) but @ybncordae and @kstills has still not been release along with many others. This is unacceptable for a peaceful protest. And they have charged all the protestors with a FELONY for a peaceful protest because @danieljaycameron feels intimidated. But the murdering cops are still free.

@untilfreedom team is at the jail and have not left. And will not leave until every single protestor is free. We will also be bailing everyone out who has a bond.

Please start blowing up their phones now Louisville Metro Department of Corrections ‭+1 (502) 574-8477‬ Tell them to free all the protestors and drop the charges #freeUsUntilTheyFreeUs #justiceforbreonnataylor @untilfreedom

Houston rapper Trae the Truth was also among those arrested. "Today Was A Good Day For @danieljaycameron To Have Us Arrested," he wrote on Instagram. "Thats Cool But How Bout You Use The Same Energy For The Cops Who Killed #BreonnaTaylor ... I Got Time Today... I Sat In Jail And Im Back Out Applying Pressure... #FreeDaGuys #justiceforbreonnataylor." Trae was also a friend of George Floyd, and recently spoke about Floyd's music in a series of interviews.

The Washington Post reports that 87 protestors were arrested altogether, including Minneapolis NAACP President Leslie Redmond, activist Linda Sarsour and The Real Housewives of Atlanta's Porsha Williams, and each were charged with a felony and two misdemeanors.

The ACLU of Kentucky condemned the charges, calling them "an overblown, outrageous, and inappropriate reaction to a community that is rightfully upset with govt delay in holding the police accountable. The only purpose these charges serve is to potentially chill the free speech rights of protesters."

Cordae previously protested against the murder of George Floyd too:


For more ways to help out in the fight against racism and police brutality, here is a list of resources.

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