Delaware metallic hardcore ragers Year of the Knife signed to Pure Noise Records last year, and now they've finally announced their first album for the label. It's called Internal Incarceration, it was recorded by Converge's Kurt Ballou, and it comes out August 7 via PN (pre-order). As bassist Madison Watkins explains, the album often focuses on addiction and loss:

Almost every straight edge person I know has been touched by loss. Those experiences can make you feel alone, but they’re something a lot of people within hardcore have gone through and can relate to. People that gravitate towards this music often have this darkness in their lives, but hardcore can be a beacon where they can find community and relief. It can be a really incredible outlet for getting that negativity out and finding people who understand you.

The first single is the bludgeoning, under-two-minute "Virtual Narcotic," which you can hear below.

Year of the Knife were recently selling a shirt that depicts a cop car on fire and donating 100% of net proceeds to Reclaim the Block and the Philadelphia Community Bail Fund, though it appears to now be sold out. The band were also supposed to tour with Code Orange this year, and they released a live-in-studio performance when the tour was cancelled.

Year of the Knife

1. This Time
2. Virtual Narcotic
3. Stay Away
4. Manipulation Artist
5. Final Tears
6. Internal Incarceration
7. Premonitions of You
8. Though The Eyes
9. Sick Statistic
10. Eviction
11. Nothing To Nobody
12. Get It Out
13. DDM

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