by Andrew Sacher


Yeasayer had been posting teasers on their website over the past few weeks, and now they revealed a full song called "I Am Chemistry" (as Pitchfork points out). It's kind of a psychedelic art rock song, and it eventually strips down to an acoustic guitar and piano and brings in a choir. It's certainly different from the tribal psych of All Hour Cymbals, the bubbly pop of Odd Blood, and the R&B-leaning Fragrant World. Listen below via Spotify.

Update: Yeasayer tweeted, "Someone behind the industry curtain jumped the gun. We have more to share, directly from US, in the coming hours."

UPDATE 2: Here's that info: Yeasayer revealed that the song will appear on their new album, titled Amen & Goodbye, which is due out April 1 via Mute. That's the artwork above (featuring sculptures by David Altmejd), and the tracklist is below. The album was recorded by the band with help from Atoms for Peace/Ultraista's Joey Waronker. They also mention that the new song features vocals by Suzzy Roche of The Roches, and it now has a video directed by New Media Limited. Watch below. Tour dates TBA.


1 Daughters of Cain
2 I Am Chemistry
3 Silly Me
4 Half Asleep
5 Dead Sea Scrolls
6 Prophecy Gun
7 Computer Canticle 1
8 Divine Simulacrum
9 Child Prodigy
10 Gerson's Whistle
11 Uma
12 Cold Night
13 Amen & Goodbye

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