Compton rapper YG brought his "Fuck Donald Trump" tour in support of this year's political G-Funk-inspired Still Brazy to Irving Plaza last night (10/17). He had some special guests on stage, including DJ Mustard (who he worked closely with early on, and then beefed with, and then made up with) and Jeezy. He also sold "Fuck Donald Trump" tees and foam fingers (with the middle finger up, natch), and "Make America 400 Again" hats. His collaborator Kamaiyah opened the show. Here's some pics/videos, and there's more below:

Like at other cities on the tour, there was also some controversy outside the venue. His 2014 song "Meet the Flockers" has been under fire due to lyrics that have been deemed offensive to Asian Americans, and protests have taken place outside shows on his tour, like in Maryland and Philly (there was also one in Oakland's Chinatown the day of the Philly show). Outside Irving Plaza last night, there was a "Shame on YG! Shame on YG!" chant, started by protesters.

CBS New York talked to protester Chris Kwoak, who said "We live in Flushing, Queens, and we had our house broken into twice in the last five years," and said that he can't help but feel that the song glamorizes crimes against his community. Here's what the scene outside the venue looked like:

A recent GQ profile on the controversy sheds some light on why the song is being protested two years after its release:

What sparked this outcry, more than two years after the song was originally released? All signs point to its origins being a September 16 incident in which Fengzhu Chen, a Chinese American woman in Georgia, shot at three intruders who entered her home, killing one of them. A grainy black-and-white video of the encounter went viral, and soon after, the “Meet the Flockers” video (which was produced independently of YG by one Darren Ojeda, and has since been deleted from YouTube) began making the rounds.

The lyric in question is "First, you find a house and scope it out/ Find a Chinese neighborhood, cause they don't believe in bank accounts." The FADER points out that in a 2014 interview with FM Magazine, YG said he wrote the song to "share the experience [of breaking into houses] with the people, because that's a part of the culture. Especially where I'm from, in L.A., the west coast, that's a big part of the culture of a teenager or someone in their mid-20s, that's what they doin', they breaking into houses. That's what I did."

There's also been a White House petition launched to "ban the song from public media and investigate legal responsibilities of the writer." It passed its goal of 100,00 signatures, so now the White House must give an official response.

Here are some more pics/videos from YG's Irving Plaza show:

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