The seventh night of Hanukkah fell on Christmas Eve this year and Yo La Tengo had some nice presents for folks who came out and braved the cold. Ava Mendoza was the opening act, and Janeane Garofalo was the Night 7 comedian, and Superchunk frontman Mac McCaughan from Superchunk was there, too, joining the band for the encore.

Ava Mendoza also joined  Yo La Tengo for most of their set, including "Flying Lesson (Hot Chicken #1)," "False Alarm," "Barnaby, Hardly Working," "We're an American Band" and more, and Mac joined on percussion for "The Last Days of Disco" and organ for "I Heard You Looking" which closed out their main set. Yo La Tengo also covered Flo & Eddie's still-relevant "Keep it Warm" which they dedicated to Low who played Hanukkah 2021 and whose Mimi Parker died in November.

The encore opened with Mac joining the band to perform his song "Dawn Bends," and they all covered Dylan's "You Angel You" and Black Flag's "Nervous Breakdown," before busting out Superchunk's "Fishing." The night ended with the second Hamish Kilgour tribute of Hanukkah 2022, covering The Clean's "Safe in the Rain."

In related news, Mac McCaughan dropped a new holiday song, "Dragging a Tree," today which features Telekinesis' Michael Benjamin Lerner on drums. Listen:

Check out Yo La Tengo's Night 7 setlist, via Jesse Jarnow, and a few videos and setlists from the show, below.

Night 7's Mix CD was made by Dez Cadena, and proceeds from the show benefited Ipas.

Yo La Tengo's Hanukkah 2022 wraps up tonight at Bowery Ballroom and it's sold out. With it being the final night of Hanukkah AND Christmas Day, they might be pulling out all the stops. The last time Hanukkah and Christmas coincided they got Christmas, the band, to reunite.

Check out recaps of Yo La Tengo's Hanukkah 2022 run shows here.

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SETLIST: Yo La Tengo @ Bowery Ballroom 12/24/2022 (Hanukkah Night 7)
via Jesse Jarnow / Frank & Earthy

Our Way To Fall
Beanbag Chair
Black Flowers
Don’t Have To Be So Sad
Keep It Warm (Flo & Eddie)
Flying Lesson (Hot Chicken #1) (with Ava Mendoza on guitar)
The Last Days of Disco (with AM, Mac McCaughan on percussion)
Serpentine (with AM)
False Alarm > (with AM)
Barnaby, Hardly Working (with AM)
Outsmartener (with AM)
We’re An American Band > (with AM)
I Heard You Looking (with AM, MM on organ)

Dawn Bends (Mac McCaughan) (with MM on guitar/vocals)
You Angel You (Bob Dylan) (with MM)
Nervous Breakdown (Black Flag) (with MM)
Fishing (Superchunk) (with MM)
Safe In The Rain (The Clean) (with MM)

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