Yo La Tengo joined Bandcamp this week and have been uploading a new track, recorded during free-form jam sessions at their rehearsal space, every day this week. "Most of the songs we’ve written in the last 25 years have begun that way," the band wrote, "but often we do it for no other reason than to push away the outside world." While the first three tracks YLT uploaded were on the drony/ambient side, today's has a little more form. "Georgia considers the two blue ones (Thursday)" is still droney, but it throbs along in a hypnotic Velvet Underground way, with James McNew's pulsating bass and Georgia Hubley's pounding beat. There are some vocals in there too. Maybe this one's a keeper? Listen below.

Yo La Tengo are reissuing Electr-o-pura for its 25th anniversary in September, and also appear on Matmos' upcoming triple album.

Check out photos from Yo La Tengo's 2019 Hanukkah run:

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