Yo La Tengo's eighth album, I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One, was released 25 years ago today (4/22/1997) and to celebrate, Matador Records has announced a new anniversary vinyl reissue via its Revisionist History series, a digital deluxe edition, and some cool merch to go along with it.

The digital deluxe edition is out today and includes YLT's 1997 Peel Session and remixes of single “Autumn Sweater” by µ-Ziq, Kevin Shields, and members of Tortoise. You can stream that below.

The new double-LP pressing of the album comes on translucent yellow vinyl and will be out July 29. You preorder that now, and pick up other Yo La Tengo albums on vinyl in the BV shop.

Most excitingly, Yo La Tengo have released a previously unseen Director's Cut of the "Sugarcube" video which was written by and starred Bob Odenkirk and David Cross, then of Mr Show and now of a lot more. If you're seen the video, you know that Yo La Tengo are attending the Pres McKinley Academy of Rock where Bob & David are instructors.

“I had the greatest time making this! Mr. Show reunion, of course, and a great song and scenario,” says Odenkirk. “We improvised these hard-rock clowns, perhaps my greatest work in ‘clowning,’ and would love to revisit and really dig deep on who these two were – hair-metal go-getters!” In addition to the Director's Cut, Matador Records has also shared a video of the band and David Cross reminiscing and misremembering the making of the video. Watch that and the "Sugarcube" video below.

One more cool item for the album's 25th anniversary: Matador Records has reproduced the "Pres McKinley Academy of Rock" sweatshirts Yo La Tengo wear in the video that you can buy in their online store. Here they are modelling them with Bob & David back in the day:

Yo La Tengo w/ Bob Odenkirk & David Cross on "Sugarcube" video set
Yo La Tengo w/ Bob Odenkirk & David Cross on "Sugarcube" video set



I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One digital deluxe tracklist:
1. Return to Hot Chicken
2. Moby Octopad
3. Sugarcube
4. Damage
5. Deeper into Movies
6. Shadows
7. Stockholm Syndrome
8. Autumn Sweater
9. Little Honda
10. Green Arrow
11. One PM Again
12. The Lie and How We Told It
13. Center of Gravity
14. Spec Bebop
15. We're an American Band
16. My Little Corner of the World
17. Autumn Sweater (Peel Session 1997)
18. Shadows (Peel Session 1997)
19. I Heard You Looking (Peel Session 1997)
20. Autumn Sweater (Bundy K. Brown, John Herndon, Douglas McCombs and David Pajo Remix)
21. Autumn Sweater (U-Ziq Remix)
22. Autumn Sweater (Kevin Shields Remix)

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