Yoko Ono's instructive text works are part of The Reflection Project, that is part walking tour and part art installation. Presented by the River to River Festival, it's on display at various points in lower Manhattan in non-traditional spaces from June 18 - June 29:

The project seeks to counter the relentless pace of the everyday by inviting the passerby to engage with a realm of expanded consciousness and personal reflection through Yoko Ono’s instructive text works. By activating mundane spaces and transforming them into vehicles of mindful communication, the project seeks to perform urban acupuncture, stimulating the city’s vast nerve network, and opening channels of communication and action grounded in thought rather than impulse.

Each piece is a prompt. Through The Reflection Project, Ono speaks directly to New Yorkers to rally the collective consciousness towards heightened awareness, hope and action.

Some of the key points along The Reflection Project include 28 Liberty, the Fulton Transit Center, Oculus at the WTC Transportation Hub and The Seaport District. Like all River to River events, it's free -- more info here.

Also happening at 203 Front Street in the Seaport District is another staging of Yoko's interactive art installation Add Color (Refugee Boat). From the description:

Upon opening, the work will be comprised simply of a boat placed within an empty space. The public will then be invited to paint their thoughts, ideas and hopes on the walls, floor and boat. As the installation progresses, messages will be written in support, contrast and literal obfuscation of one another, moving the space from visual calm to a layered visual chaos – a beautiful sea of color from afar, a more restless reality upon closer inspection. Freely imbued in this way with a multiplicity of thoughts, each time Add Color (Refugee Boat) is shown it both shares in the memory of past iterations, while taking on a life and a meaning of its own - acutely reflecting the time, place and people that come together to create it.

Add Color (Refugee Boat) runs June 18 from 5:30-7 PM, and June 19-29 from 12-8 PM, and like The Reflection Project, it's free.