Yoko Ono will release new album Warzone on October 18 via Chimera Music. On it, she revisits and reimagines 13 songs from her past work, ranging from 1970-2009, where she feels the lyrics are still relevant to today. "The world is so messed up. Things are very difficult for everybody. It's a warzone that we are living in," says Ono. "I like to create things in a new way. Every day things change." The record includes John Lennon's hit "Imagine," which Yoko received a songwriting credit for in 2017 from the National Music Publishers Association. You can check out Warzone's title track below and she'll release a new track off the album every Tuesday via Imaginepeace.com.

Full tracklist and cover art is below.


Warzone tracklist:
1 Warzone
2 Hell In Paradise
3 Now Or Never
4 Where Do We Go From Here
5 Woman Power
6 It’s Gonna Rain
7 Why
8 Children Power
9 I Love All of Me
10 Teddy Bear
11 I’m Alive
12 I Love You Earth
13 Imagine

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