Florida emo band You Blew It broke up after releasing their 2016 album Abendrot, an album that branched out from the band's emo revival roots into something more post-rocky and ambitious. It was a great note to go out on, but it was bittersweet, because it suggested that You Blew It still had untapped ambition. The band remains much-missed, but the good news is that now vocalist Tanner Jones is now leading a new project called Couplet, whose debut album LP1 is due October 1 via Storm Chasers Ltd (pre-order).

Couplet also features Into It. Over It.'s Evan Weiss and Sincere Engineer's Adam Beck, both of whom "re-imagined, arranged, and produced" the songs after Tanner wrote them on his own. The first taste is "Old Elba," which finds Tanner channelling Postal Service-y electronic art pop. It's both a logical progression from Abendrot and an exciting new path for Tanner. Listen below.



1. The Dregs
2. Sold Our Shirts
3. Old Elba
4. The Throngs Of It
5. Clamour
6. Forage
7. Irons
8. Page
9. Mistresses All
10. Sleep
11. Raehn St

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