Actor, filmmaker, wildman and general iconoclast, Dennis Hopper left behind a lot when he died back in 2010, including his vinyl collection which is now being sold for $150,000. (via FACT.) Mind you, its not that many records -- "Dennis Hopper collected over 100 record titles during his lifetime" (wow!) reads the official copy -- but many come with handwritten notes and other things that made it all more collectable. Quality not quantity, they say. Here's the full description:

With a career spanning almost six decades as an actor, filmmaker, photographer, artist ,art collector and Hollywood enfant terrible, Dennis Hopper collected over 100 record titles during his lifetime. Including iconic artists and bands such as The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, Fleetwood Mac, Leonard Cohen and Miles Davis, this collection provides an incredible view into the world of one of America's most culture-defining men. Along with handwritten notes to the actor from various artists and several unreleased records, this is a very personal biography of Dennis Hopper's musical journey, directly from the archive of Dennis' daughter, Marin Hopper.

You would think the product page for this would list every record you're getting, but it doesn't. You can check out a few pictures of his collection below. A portion of the sale price, however, will be donated to The Future Heritage Fund, which supports a range of cultural and artistic non-profit organizations in New Mexico.


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