Young Jesus, the longtime indie rock project headed up by John Rossiter, released their sixth album, Shepherd Head, this year. Now, as the year ends, John has compiled some of his favorite releases -- plus a personalized mixtape -- of 2022, in a list featuring Hello Shark, Petey, Tenniscoats, Thomas Dollbaum, and more. Read on for John's picks and commentary, in no particular order...

Young Jesus's Favorite Releases of 2022

Thomas Dollbaum - "Florida"
dang this is good. My friend Matt Seferian recorded and played on this amazing track. Thomas is a great writer and this tune is special.

Hello Shark - Black vs Navy Blue
heard them in Burlington VT when I had just driven 7 hours from Toronto to a town where I knew no one and was playing a gig. Heard this tune and felt like Damn- this is where I need to be.

A mix of Maher Shalal Hash Baz songs my friend Aaron MF Olson sent me including Black Eyed Susan, The Last Day, An Unknown Happiness
Aaron is a killer musician in his own right. LA Takedown, Musical Tracing Ensemble, Songs Album. We played a nice gig together this year. I’ve learned a lot about music from Aaron. This mix he made for me was just what I needed.

Petey - Lean Into Life
this album is emotional AND fun AND funny. Very hard to pull off. Pete is open and non-judgemental, so he’s able to be playful with music in a way that is unpretentious and inviting. But underneath that seeming simplicity is an awful lot of intelligence, focus, and complexity.

Skjell - Painted Rock
Electronic music that has heart, sensitivity, texture, groove. A beautiful musician with a curious mind.

Tenniscoats - Tan-Tan Therapy
My friend Chris Williams of I Can Japan and Destroy Me showed me Tenniscoats on our drive to Virginia to play a show on a farm where we ate an amazing venison stew made from roadkill. Incredible drive with him and Dawood. Love this album.

I listen to Bill Evans a lot, Derek Bailey always, and Wild Up playing Julius Eastman. Happy new year and god bless you all.

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