Younghusband prep new LP 'Swimmers' (listen to "Translation")

It’s been four years, but UK band Younghusband are finally set to release the follow-up to 2015’s great Dissolver. The new album’s called Swimmers and is out June 7 via Opposite Number. In the time since Dissolver, songwriter Euan Hinshelwood set up his own studio in a barn in Greenwich, England where he recorded groups like Value Void, Wesley Gonzalez, and JC Flowers. Working there, he and the rest of the band took a more off-the-cuff approach to recording. “I didn’t play the songs to the guys before,” says Hinshelwood. “For the majority of the record the band had only heard the songs on the day of recording them. We then went over the top of those bare bones but at the core of it I wanted to get something loose and gritty.” The band burn off some of Dissolver‘s haze while keeping that gentle, pastoral brand of psych-pop. “Dreamy” is an overused word, but it it’s a very accurate descriptor of the album’s lovely opening track, “Translation,” which has a little VU “Sweet Jane” in it and premieres in this post. Listen below.

Younghusband play London’s New River Studios on April 13. Stay tuned for more dates. You can check out Swimmers’ album art and tracklist below.

Swimmers tracklist:
1. Translation
2. What’s Wrong
3. Modern Lie
4. Different About You
5. Sister
6. Grinding Teeth
7. Broken In Half Again
8. Paradise In The Rain
9. Sucker
10. It’s Not Easy