Back in 2016, Trevor Powers announced that his Youth Lagoon project had come to an end, one year after he released his very good third album, Savage Hills Ballroom. He promised that he had other musical projects on the way, and today, he released his first single under his own name. The song is called "Playwright" and it comes with a video directed by Dan Opsal. It's also the first release for Trevor's newly-launched label, Baby Halo.

The song is some of the most raw, lo-fi stuff Trevor has released since Youth Lagoon's debut, but it's also a lot different from that album. There's almost a "modern classical" vibe to the song's dynamic shifts and off-kilter timing. It's good stuff, as you can hear for yourself below. Also below is the song's artwork and a hand-written note from Trevor about his decision to retire the Youth Lagoon moniker and continue on as a solo artist.


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