YouTube is the #1 way most people listen to music on the internet, via musc videos, but most people are doing that for free. The company, which is owned by Google, is hoping to change that as they relaunch YouTube Music as a $9.99 monthly subscription service that will eventually replace Google Play Music. While they haven't said when Google Play Music will go away, its current subscribers will be able to use both services in the interim and YouTube Music will begin rolling out on Tuesday, May 22. Google Play Music currently trails Spotify, Apple and Amazon in music subscriptions.

Meanwhile, YouTube Red, the ad-free premium version of YouTube that now has its first original programming hit with Karate Kid spinoff Cobra Kai, will rebrand itself with the less porny name, YouTube Premium. For $11.99 that also includes YouTube Music, though it will not include the perks of ad-free listening or being able to listen on mobile with the app in background, though Google tells USA Today that it can be added for a "nominal" charge.

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