A lot of people were introduced to South African rapper Yugen Blackrok when she joined Kendrick Lamar and Vince Staples on "Opps" on Black Panther: The Album earlier this year, and now she's set to release her own new album, Anima Mysterium, on February 1 via I.O.T. Records. The album was produced by Kanif the Jhatmaster, and we're premiering its single "Carbon Form." Over a futuristic, psychedelic backdrop with some hints of Deltron 3030, Yugen spits the kinds of tongue-twisters and multisyllabic rhymes that will please fans of the way rap sounded 20 years ago, and she does so with precision and effortless confidence. In Yugen's words:

"Carbon Form" takes its inspiration from one of the most abundant elements in the universe and also, one that is common to all life on this planet. In its various forms, it embodies duality: from soft, dark graphite to hard, sparkling diamond. In essence, it is the spirit of Woman. In the visual treatment, the divine feminine is portrayed in a field (representing nature), within a church (representing religion) and in shadow (representing space and the cosmos).

Listen and check out the single artwork below:

Yugen Blakrok

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