Maryland's Yume normally make mathy Midwest emo and Ontario's Dead Friend Collective normally make acoustic emo/punk, but for their new split on No Funeral Records, both bands take their sound in a harsher screamo direction to thrilling results. With their towering, climactic "Mambo #6," Yume end up somewhere in Circle Takes the Square/City of Caterpillar territory, while Dead Friend Collective's "Abandoned Planet" is kind of like if Pygmy Lush fused their acoustic parts and their screamo parts and made things way more lo-fi and shambolic.

"We chose to put 'Mambo No.6' on this split because the three modes of the song sound so different from each other, yet eerily familiar," Yume told us. "This is reminiscent of life. We often find ourselves encountering the same obstacles. Even though these obstacles may manifest under a new guise, the root of the problem is usually something we’ve battled within the past."

Dead Friend Collective's Jake Dodge adds, "After years of exposure and an increasing interest in screamo, it only made sense to finally take the project into a new direction. When Yume reached out to do a split, I anxiously and eagerly threw myself into the next era of what I hope DFC continues to become. Armed with an overwhelming weight of personal trauma and family turmoil, 'Abandoned Planet' became the answer to this call."

"With this song being my first 'full band' break into the genre, I took it upon myself to play everything aside from Nathaniel Murray (No Funeral Records / Karloff) providing guest vocals," Jake continues. "Still keen on keeping my roots alive, it felt necessary to keep the acoustic guitar involved as we felt it fleshed out the track with a quirky punch due to the beautiful recording/mixing by Vince Rosy (Karloff). Throw Jack Shirley into the mix with mastering, and I absolutely feel like I got spoiled with this project all thanks to Yume and No Funeral Records for pushing me since the early days."

The split officially comes out Friday (11/6) (pre-order cassette or digital), but we're premiering both songs today. Listen below.

Yume and Dead Friend Collective also just contributed songs to the new No Funeral comp.


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