Prolific underground rapper YUNGMORPHEUS has announced a new album, Affable With Pointed Teeth, due October 1 via Lex Records and entirely produced by Eyedress. It includes the pair's recent double single "Candyman" & "Four Week Cure," as well as the just-released "Georgette's Tea Room," which features Pink Siifu. It's a smoky, hazy song and a very promising taste of the LP. Listen and watch the video below.

Speaking of Pink Siifu, his new album GUMBO'! just came out this week.

1. If We Must
2. Red Spheres
3. Candyman
4. Four Week Cure
5. Georgette's Tea Room (feat. Pink Siifu)
6. What The Stakes Is
7. County Line Rd
8. Bow Down
9. Reverse King's Gambit
10. Nkisi Nkondi
11. Slim Fit Peacoats
12. Poised on the Cusp
13. Castelo Dos Mouros
14. Bunchy Carter
15. Rainbow Coalition
16. No Traces
17. Loose Goose
18. My Hands

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