Yves Tumor followed their excellent 2020 album Heaven to a Tortured Mind with a surprise new EP, The Asymptotical World, in July (order on vinyl), and they've been on tour supporting both throughout the fall. That tour stopped in NYC on Tuesday night (10/26) for the first of two shows at Webster Hall. Yves Tumor and their band took to a stage that was dark and smoky, with intermittent strobes piercing the haze, and had their drummer and keyboard player on elevated platforms, giving off the effect that the stage was set over two floors. Yves was mesmerizing as they strutted and vamped, and their guitar player nearly stole the show with their theatrical performance, which included going into the audience to crowdsurf.

See pictures from Tuesday night's show, including opener Ecco2k and Yves Tumor's setlist, and a couple of fan-taken video clips, below.

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