Brooklyn's YVETTE have announced new album How the Garden Grows, their first since their 2013 debut, which will be out September 17 via Western Vinyl. A lot has changed since 2013, including the North Brooklyn skyline and DIY music scene YVETTE were a part of, not to menton the group themselves. When the album was started in 2016, they were a duo but drummer Dale Eisinger left after the making of the album, turning YVETTE into a solo project for singer/guitarist Noah Kardos-Fein.

How the Garden Grows finds Kardos-Fein expanding YVETTE's intense, industrial sound into new territory. “At the same time that I was developing techniques to harness the tactile and expressive qualities of my guitar to control a processed synthesizer, I was voraciously consuming the news every day and wrestling with the incomprehensibility of greater existential threats outside any one person’s control – then channeling these themes into lyrics, vocal patterns, and vocal processing,” Kardos-Fein remarked. “I wanted to marry technical experimentation with vocal and lyrical experimentation, to push the limits and see if I could summon the mood of the moment.”

You can get a good sense of YVETTE's new direction on first single "B61" (a bus line many in Brooklyn are familiar with) which marries blasts of building-razing noise with atmospheric layers of textured guitar and synths, as well as Kardos-Fein's soaring vocals that also express panic with the repeated refrain of "It's safe to say I don't feel safe." Listen to that below.

yvette - How the Garden Grows - Album Cover

How The Garden Grows tracklist:
1. B61
02 Contact High
03 Warm Up
04 Besides
05 For a Moment
06 Close Quarters
07 Smoke In Your Eyes
08 Best Intentions
09 Translucent
10 Intermission

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