Rogue Wave leader Zach Rogue has teamed up with singer/songwriter Courtney Jaye under the name Rogue + Jaye to record a collaborative album called Pent Up. Zach produced it with Bill Reynolds of Band of Horses (UPDATE: FORMERLY of Band of Horses. He left the band yesterday, along with Tyler Ramsey), and Bill also plays on the record. Here's what Courtney Jaye tells us about it:

Pent Up signifies the end of an incredibly trying time in my life personally, both physically and emotionally. Zach and I started writing these songs after a car accident I was in which left me in a ton of residual pain, and then also after the dissolving of a toxic relationship in my life. I found a protective brother and confidant in Zach, and he helped me sort through a lot of feelings that were under the surface but required a hefty amount of digging in order to get to.

Musically, Courtney is really the leader here, but Zach applies his indie sensibilities to Courtney's country pop, making for a record that's sort of the best of both of those worlds. It comes out this Friday (5/5), but a stream of the whole thing makes its premiere right here:

Rogue + Jaye -- 2017 Tour Dates
May 10 - Los Angeles, CA - Hotel Cafe
June 08 - Berkeley, CA - UC Botanical Gardens (Redwood Grove Concert Series)
July 13 - Denver, CO - Fiddler's Green Amphitheater (supporting Jack Johnson)

Rogue Jaye

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