Brooklyn musician Zannie Owens (Really Big Pinecone, Potted Plant) will release their debut album as zannie, How Do I Get That Star, on August 19 via Kill Rock Stars. It was conceived as an homage to The Golden Record, the album of earth sounds and greetings that Carl Sagan and Lynn Margulis created to send into space with the Voyager probe in 1977. “I was following this narrative idea about an alien on Earth trying to find their way back to their home planet,” says zannie.

How Do I Get That Star includes last year's "mechanical bull" single, and zannie has now released "a rose for every puppet," a very charming, gently bouncing song that's somewhere between Feist and Angel Olsen. We've got the premiere of the song's whimsical video which was conceptualized by zannie, and shot and edited by G. William Duncanson.

“This video was made in collaboration with my three good friends Geoff, Richard, and Will at the Cuneen-Hackett Theater in Poughkeepsie," zannie says. "The theater opened in 1881 and the energetic history is palpable. The video is designed to be a Henson-ian daydream sequence from the perspective of a janitor. This character is a wink both to the origin of the word janitor (from the Roman god Janus, keeper of metaphorical doors, transitions, and the unification of dualities), and the late night warriors and dreamers of our world doing the unseen dirty work. The hands of fate are more tolerable when holding your friend’s hand. or a puppets hand. or your friend’s hand is a puppet holding your hand, etc.”

Watch the video below.


How Do I Get That Star:
1. mechanical bull
2. a rose for every puppet
3. get that star
4. lovers
5. for a while
6. forest flesh
7. poison plant
8. song of rose pain
9. route 32
10. holy ghosted
11. doppler

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