The great, mostly-screamo label Zegema Beach Records is throwing its Zegema Beach Records Fest from June 5-7 at The Black Lab in Vancouver, and the stacked lineup includes State Faults, meth., Storm{O}, Gillian Carter (playing 2013's Lost Ships Sinking With the Sunset), Hawak, Senza, For Your Health, Infant Island, Carrion Spring, Obroa-Skai, To Be Gentle, New Hoax, Clavel, Gilded Age, Diva Plavalaguna, Emma Goldman, Terrifying Girls' High School, The Rabbit Loved the Shining Wire, and Trace Amount. There will also be a collab set from Obroa-Skai and Crowning, and a "battle set" from Gillian Carter and Hawak. Tickets are on sale now. Schedule coming soon.

We wrote about a few of these bands in our recent 12 great screamo releases from 2019 list, and for more Zegema Beach, you can read the dissection on screamo guest post that label head Dave Norman wrote for Invisible Oranges.

Zegema Beach Fest

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