by Andrew Sacher


Long-running NYC experimental band Zs debuted their newest lineup in 2012, which is founder Sam Hillmer with Patrick Higgins and Liturgy drummer Greg Fox, and now they're set to release the first album with that lineup, Xe, on January 27 via Northern Spy. It's Zs' first non-remix or live full length since 2010's New Slaves. They recorded it live with producer Henry Hirsch (Madonna, Mick Jagger, etc), and Tauba Auerbach handled the album's artwork and sculptures. The first single, "Corps," is out now and it's a 12-minute bouncy avant-garde jam that you can check out below. Album artwork and tracklist also below.

Zs have some shows coming up in January just ahead of the release, including an album release party in their hometown on January 21 at Le Poisson Rouge with Mick Barr, Michael Beharie, Bryan Kasenic and Phil Tortoroli. TIckets for that show are on sale now. All dates are listed below.

Sam, Greg and Patrick also gave us their year-end lists for 2014. While the latter two stuck to their favorite albums, Sam gave us his list of the 10 Most Anonymous Comments on Brooklyn Vegan in 2014. You can find out what ended up on those lists, with the song stream and album tracklist/artwork, below...


Zs - "Corps"


Future of Royalty
Wolf Government


Sam Hillmer's 10 Most Anonymous Comments on Brooklyn Vegan in 2014
1. Wtf? Some cross dressing dude from New Orleans thinks he owns the copyrights to ass shaking?

2. The sex is the best instrument.

3. I love gentrification. Dear failshit artists: For once, move to a neighborhood you can afford - without turning it into some kind of fantasyland for dorks - and then no one will follow you there and price your sorry asses out.

4. They are one pussy hair away from being assclowns.

5. I'm just kidding I don't have a girlfriend.

6. Ain't got no job but the landlord don't give a fuuu.. cuz i ain't no goddamn sodomite.

7. Is that cornelius west? (About a black person who is not Cornelius West)

8. Omg. this is embarrasing.

9. Fuck you!

10. Yawn

Greg Fox's Top 18 Albums of 2014 (in No Particular Order)
D'Angelo Black Messiah
Run the Jewels 2
Aphex Twin Syro
Flying Lotus You're Dead
Daniel Bachman Orange Co Serenade
Bitchin Bajas s/t
Black Hat Thought of Two
Cloud Becomes Your Hand Rocks or Cakes
Battle Trance Palace of Wind
Horse Lords Hidden Cities
Full of Hell & Merzbow
Gridlink Longhena
Mykki Blanco Gay Dog Food
Shabazz Palaces Lese Majesty
Squarepusher Music for Robots
Swans To Be Kind
Venetian Snares My Love is a Bulldozer
Wu Tang Clan A Better Tomorrow

Patrick Higgins
Scott Walker + Sunn o)))) Soused
Battle Trance Palace of Wind
Jason Lescalleet Much to My Demise
Meredith Monk Radio Songs
Jeremy Denk Goldberg Variations
Flux Quartet String Quartet No. 1 (Morton Feldman, String Quartet No. 1 + Structures + Three Pieces)
Kate Soper Voices from the Killing Jar
David Van Tiegham x Ten Fits and Starts
Emptyset Recurr
Louis Andriessen La Commedia​

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